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Wyong Shire Council is currently preparing a flood study for the Killarney Vale and Long Jetty catchments.  As shown in the image on the right, the catchments include the suburbs of Killarney Vale, Long Jetty, Bateau Bay, Shelly Beach and The Entrance.

The catchments include a network of open channels, stormwater pipes and detention basins which are designed to safely carry stormwater runoff from the catchment into Tuggerah Lake. However, during very heavy rainfall there is potential for the capacity of the existing stormwater system to be exceeded. In such cases, the excess water will spill out of waterways and stormwater pipes and has the potential to inundate roadways as well as residential and commercial properties.  Flooding has occurred most recently in 2007 as well as 2010.

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Please share your opinions regarding flood mitigation options that may be considered for the catchment. Your contribution will help to ensure the study is a success.

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You can view some of the inputs and outputs of the study via the mapping page.

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